5 Winter Nail Polish Colors!

5 Winter Nail Polish Colors


Winter is in full swing! Here in Canada, we have the snow and some (very slippery) ice everywhere. Even if I'm really not a fan of winter, the cold and waiting 15 minutes in my car for the inside of it to defrost... At least we have hot cocoa, warm blankets and some TV shows to binge-watch!
And also, some gorgeous nail polish shades to express our love (or deep hatred?) of this season. Here are 5 of our favorite ones!

1. Windy

There’s nothing like a classic winter white, but with Windy, we're adding an iridescent twist to it! From the Elements Quad, this shade is perfect if you want your nails to sparkle like fresh snow.
Windy is a delicate white nail polish with iridescent flakies.

2. Robyn

If you are a fan of dusty colors on your fingertips, Robyn is for you! From the Winter Cremes collection, this dusty purple creme nail polish is sure to please you!

3. You Know Me Too Well

Deep and vampy wine inspired nails are also great for this time of year! With its shifty flakies and berry to burgundy color, You Know Me Too Well from the Nothing But Thieves - Volume 1 collection will pop on your nails!

4. Wave

You can't go wrong with blue nail polishes in the winter! Here is Wave, from the Elements Quad, a gorgeous deep blue filled with blue and silver flakies.

5. Estelle

Here's another one for the creme lovers; Estelle, from the Winter Cremes. This beautiful light teal creme nail polish is great for winter, but is also fantastic for spring!
Which of these 5 will you be wearing next?
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